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Bansal Metallics India pvt ltd. Is an authorized distributor and supplier of AM/NS (Formerly Essar steel) GP coils /GI coils or GP sheets / GI sheets. We are also dealer of SAIL GP sheets. We are supplier of both GP wider as well as GP slit coils. GP is an abbreviation of Galvanized plain and GI is an abbreviation of Galvanized Iron. Galvanization is a value added process done upon flat CR steel or HR steel which goes through following processes:

1. PICKLING - In this process Base steel- CR or HR steel undergoes acid bath which removes contaminants, scales ,rusts or oxides over the surface and cleanses the surface for proper adhesion of zinc.

2. Hot dip galvanizing - This is the main process wherein zinc coat is applied on pickled steel by immersing it in hot zinc bath maintained at 460 degree centigrade. This is a continuous hot galvanizing process.The chemistry of the bath is carefully controlled to ensure proper adhesion and formability of the applied zinc together with bright blemish free uniform spangles. Coating mass of zinc ,as we term in gsm(grams per square meter), is also controlled in this process.

3. Chromating - The galvanized coils are chromated to improve its resistance to white rust. The chromating parameters are continually monitored and sheets are regularly tested through salt-spray tests to ensure the performance of this process.

Benefits of Galvanizing:

1.  Corrosion resistance.
2.  Excellent surface finish for paint.
3.  Increased life of steel which makes it economical over the time. Galvanization increases the life of steel by over five times.


1. GP/GI coils and sheets are widely used for manufacturing:
a. Pipes
b. Steel furnitures
c. Coolers and Air conditioning ducting
d. Chimneys
e. Steel trunks & boxes
f. Drain gutters and Ridges

2. GP / GI slit coils are widely used for manufacturing:
a. Purlins
b. Solar structures
c. Light gauge structures (LGS)
d. Shutter strip widely known as shutter patti
e. False ceiling sections
f. Cable trays
g. GI sections
Thickness in mm(Gauge) 0.25mm(g) | 0.30mm(30g) | 0.35mm | 0.42mm | 0.40mm(28g) | 0.47mm | 0.50mm(26g) | 0.60mm(24g) | 0.63mm | 0.70mm |0.80mm(22g) | 1mm(20g)| 1.2mm(18g) | 1.5mm (16g) | 1.6mm | 1.8mm | 2mm(14g) | 2.5mm | 3mm(10g)
Width 900mm | 1000mm | 1220mm | 1250mm | 1500mm
Coating 80gsm | 90gsm | 120gsm|180gsm|275gsm
IS Standard IS277
Tensile Strength 240mpa | 350mpa | 550mpa
Grade G30, G40, G90
Spangles Zero | Regular
Sheet Length 8’ (2440-2500mm) | Customized upon order

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